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My Career Path | (Planner-Supply Chain Management)

My Cities | (China-Canada)

Wuhan, Hubei, China

26 years


26 years


9 years

Jingshang,Hubei, China

2 years

Burlington, ON, CA

5 years



Etobicoke, ON, CA

3 years

Mississauga, ON, CA

3 year

Cambridge, ON,CA

1 year

Markham, , ON, CA

3 years

My Employers | (Start up-Future 500)

Supply Chain Manager | Operation Manager
E-Commerce | Computer & Telecom
BTE Computers Ltd.

Founded in 2003. One of top North American third market sellers on Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, BestBuy and eBay in computer and telecom industry.

Quotation speacialist
Distributor | MRO Products | VMI
Canadian Bearings

Founded in 1947. One of top bearing & power transmission distribution company. 

Senior Buyer
TBM | Mining Heavy equipment
Lovsuns Tunneling Canada Ltd./ Caterpillar | Lovat

Inherited from Lovat which was founded in 1972. Acquired from Caterpillar Tunneling Canada Corp. (CTCC)

Senior Buyer
Water treatment | Wholesaler
Watergroup / Culligan | Canature

Was owned by Culligan . Water treatment system wholesaler.

Boiler Parts | Reverse Engineering
BCE Parts Ltd / Diamond Canapower Ltd. | Babcock & Wilcox

Start up company. A division of Babcock & Wilcox

Supply Chain Manager
Boiler Clean Equipment | NPI
Diamond Power Hubei Manufacture(DPMH) / Diamond Power International Inc. ( DPII ) / Babcock&Wilcox

Founded in 1987. Owned by DPII, the division of Babcock & Wilcox. The company covers an area of ​​60,000 square meters and has 612 employees. The company's leading products are boiler auxiliary products such as boiler soot blower, ash system and control system, including dozens of products such as IK series, IR, G9B, TP, and water level gauges.

Purchasing Manager
Sewage Water Treatment | BOT
Wuhan Kaidi Water Treatment Ltd | Asia Water Treatment Ltd.

Founded in 1996.Became  Singapore listed company in 2005. The main business scope is: municipal tap water, urban sewage treatment, industrial pure water preparation, industrial wastewater treatment, reclaimed water reuse, seawater desalination and automatic control systems, etc.

Project Procurement Manager
Power Plant | FGD | EPC
Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Ltd

Founded in 1996. Became first Chinese electric power environmental protection  listed company in 1999. The main business is coal-fired power plant desulfurization project, clean coal combustion power plant technology and engineering,  and thermal power plant condensate polishing project design, complete set, installation, commissioning, training and other projects.

Purchasing Manger
Power Plant | FGD | EPC | Environment Protection
Wuhan Petrochemical Works / SINOPEC

Founded in 1971. The division of SINOPEC. WPW has 28 main production units with primary crude oil processing capacity of 8.5 million tons per year and comprehensive processing capacity of 6.5 million tons per year.

My Experiences | (Manufacture-Retailer)

• Managed around 45K active SKUs in the platforms like Amazon (US, CA, SG&AU), BestBuy, Newegg (CA&US), Walmart (CA&US), eBay with more than 40M sales over 300 brands. Make the strategic road map and adjust it regarding the category market conditions.

• Analyzed competitive market strategies through analysis of related product, market and share trends. Making forecast demand plan for all channels. Caught the sale opportunities to add to the wish list.

•Developed new products from China to launch Amazon, Walmart, the Bay

• Liaison with planning, purchasing, logistic, customer service and IT teams to improve KPI like account health rate, buy box winner rate, order fill rate, turnover rate, return rate etc.

• Analyzed Amazon fulfill report and optimized FBA plan. Increased 20% sales for Amazon FBA US.

• Led the planning, purchasing, logistic, marketing and IT to improve the repricing system both at tactical and strategic level. Improved the buy box winner rate and sales both in Amazon and BestBuy.

• Optimized listings and made automation for new products listings.

• Managed over 300 MRO vendors price database and prepared the big quotation to the customer like TTC, OPG, Canada Post etc.

• Used Power Automate and PIM system to improve the efficient of data collection and cleansing over 146K SKU for 2000 categories. Enhanced the tie cross reference between different SKUs and select the best cost for the quotation.

• Coordinated cross-functional teams with sales, purchasing, logistic, customer service, quotation, and IT to develop Power Apps for VMI customers

Senior Buyer (2014-2017)

Lovsuns Tunneling Canada Ltd./ Caterpillar | Lovat

Etobicoke, ON

• Responsible to reduce operating costs, lead times, and inventory and increase the speed of delivery, product availability, and customer satisfaction.

• Managed international supply chain and well supplied the projects for TBC (The Boring Company, US), Turkey, City of Edmonton & China Metro project.

• Monitored the long lead time products like slew bearing (SKF, France), motor (Siemens, Germany) to make sure the delivery deadline.

Senior Buyer (2013-2014)


Cambridge, ON

• Managed the portfolio around 20 million per year with 7 sites in North American

• Worked closely with engineers on new projects including metal / mechanical components, and spare parts for soot blowers from global suppliers such as China, Brazil, Germany, USA, and Canada.

• Sourced and setup new vendors which cut the cost to 20%-80%.

• Reduced assembly costs from Chinese vendors by conducting a breakdown and analysis of their price which resulted in more accurate/reliable material costs

• Manage the portfolio around 200 million RMB per year with 40 team members including warehouse.

• Decreased overall cost of materials and components ranging from 40-80%.

Purchasing Manager (2004-2006)

Wuhan Kaidi Water Treatment Ltd | Asia Water Treatment Ltd.

Wuhan, Hubei, China

• Manage the portfolio around 500 million RMB purchasing per year.

• Ensured the equipment and material supplied in time and stick to the budget over 100 projects.

• Reduced R&D costs by 20% with strategic suppliers through negotiations in Hanxi 400K ton/day wastewater sewage project (BOT)

• As the key member of SAP ERP system initialize, cooperated with finance Dept. to make ERP setup and online smoothly.

Project Procurement Manager (2002-2004)

Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Ltd

Wuhan, Hubei, China

• Manage the portfolio around 300 million RMB

• Negotiated contract pricing on Changshu 3X600 MW flue gas desulfurization project (EPC) project achieving increased purchasing efficiency, reduced costs and improved accuracy

Purchasing Manger/Demand Planner/Commodity Buyer (1993-2002)

Wuhan Petrochemical Works / SINOPEC

Wuhan, Hubei, China

• Strategy supply management, Total cost control

• Established Supply Management Information System for WPW.

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